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 About Us 

 The Sudanese London  Community Centre

Sudanese Community and Information Centre (SCIC) is a registered charity (1076809) based in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and run by a board of trustees elected by the general assembly every two years. Its status as a charitable organisation is renewed anually. 

 Our Vision 

Our vision is to empowerment the Sudanese community in the United Kingdom and in Sudan. 

The Sudanese Community and Information Centre's main goals are: 


  • To provide assistance to migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and their dependent that are in condition of need, hardship and distress; to advance education and training of community members in order to assist their inclusion in wider community; 

  • To assist in the provision of weekend community schools and after school clubs; 

  • To provide representation, counselling, translation and interpreting services; 

  • To provide and assist in the provision of facilities for community gathering, sport, recreation and leisure; 

  • To provide, disseminate information to their members and the public.



Our services include provision of venues for community gatherings, sport facilities, youth and family activities. We also provide free advice on asylum, immigration, education, employment and health issues by self-referral for appointments or by telephone.In addition, SCIC collaborates with international non-governmental organisations working in Sudan in the provision of relief to displaced communities, education, health, empowerment of women and the development of rural communities.

 Our History 

The Sudanese Community & Information Centre (SCIC) was established in London and formally registered in 1989 as a charitable organisation at the Charity Commission in 1989. The Centre's creation was an extension of the first wave of Sudanese to the United Kingdom such as Eltayeb Salih, Dr Izzeldin Ali Aamer, Alsharif Elhindi, and Bona Malwal. 


  • Establishing a cohesive hub for the Sudanese Diaspora in London.

  • Encouraging the endeavours and cultural efforts of the Sudanese.

  • Helping the pursuit of education by the Sudanese youth and professionals.

  • Looking after the heritage and values of Sudanese and its development.

  • Encourage co-operation between the Sudanese organisations in London.

  • Facilitating access to legal, housing, health and social services in London and making consultation available to knowledgeable members of the Sudanese community.

  • Raising standards and aspirations of Sudanese immigrants and making them knowledgeable of their rights, duties and how to adapt to their obligations in the United Kingdom.

 Our Activities 

As well as the Centre’s offices, the Centre also maintains a reception hall for hosting a variety of Sudanese events. Because the current location does not fulfil the ambitions of the Sudanese community, a sub-committee was formed to find a permanent home in London. This sub-committee consists of a number of qualified Sudanese professionals in many walks of life all with experience and knowledge that can by put to the task.

The annual general meeting is held every two years, it which elections are held to vote in a management committee of 9 members that must submit the charity’s official report and accounts.

The SCIC organises and finances festivals and national events such as the Independence Day and religious occasions such as Eid celebrations. It also serves to cater for a social and cultural presence for Sudanese far away from their homeland.


Our Eid celebrations are unique in that they start early with Eid prayers, followed by typical Sudanese breakfast, and then the cultural performances, music and children’s events. These are all overseen in collaboration with the Ansar community.

The SCIC also takes the lead in notifying the community of the passing away of members of the Sudanese Community and making sure media channels are alerted and passing the news to other Sudanese groups and entities throughout the country. The Community’s reception hall is often used as a venue for mourning rituals and passing of condolences.

As well as being a permanent office for the members of the Sudanese community in London, we also arrange cultural and vocational trips for the Sudanese, such as the recent trip to Brighton on the coast.

A Women and Family office within the SCIC hosts frequent events and conferences on its own and in collaboration with other Women’s organizations. The office holds events such as the Mothers Day, training sessions/courses for women in different fields.

The SCIC writes letters of support for educational, housing, legal, immigration and family members asylum causes.

The Cultural Office hosts frequent cultural events, alone and in conjunction with other organisations.

Sport Office has sports days with the Sudanese Supplementary School, London, the Hilal Rangers football academy and other organisations.

There is a history of very productive co-operation with the Sudanese Supplementary School in London, who have served the Sudanese community unceasingly since 1994 teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and also the Azza Sudanese School.

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